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I would like to pass on my thanks for the personal attention and care you have given me and in helping me to overcome some of the challenges of a past broken toe and rib.

Recently my determination and new found leg strength was tested when helping my husband cut and gather branches from our big trees in the garden I overbalanced at the top of 3 very deep, very unstable steps.

Here is where I thank my lovely teacher for all the new balance and strength I have acquired through Ballet, Pilates and Garuda. You have has saved me! No falling without being able to get my footing again, no bruises no broken bones!!!!

Thank you for a rejuvenated stronger body with some ballerina type balance:)



As a former professional dancer looking to get dance-fit in order to recommence teaching classical ballet, I attended Djazzex, a local dance and Pilates school situated on the Northern Beaches.  It was the perfect solution as I was able to work through the inevitable aches and pains under the safe guidance of Lisa who runs the school. With her background in Pilates and an ideal building from which to run it all, including a fully set up Pilates studio as well as good sized dance studios, I knew I was in excellent hands.  The students were also very welcoming and it was a lovely environment to get my ‘ballet legs’ back in some kind of condition.

Sheree De Costa - Professional Ballerina, Actress, Artist


I was battling protruding discs in my neck and lower back which, over the years, became Chronic to the point of being able to do very little exercise other than walk.  I relied heavily on whatever drugs I could get my hands on and continued to try other forms of exercise only to have one or more of my injuries flare up and prevent me from doing anything.  Desperate to get back to normal and rid myself of constant headaches and or back pain, I decided to try Pilates.  Thanks to Lisa, I’m back on track, practically drug free and love Pilates. She is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and patient.  Lisa has worked closely with me (for close to 2 years) as she does with all her clients, offering personalised attention to each individual and their strengths and weaknesses.  I am very grateful to Lisa and can’t recommend her classes highly enough. "

Jo Flemming


I would like to let you know how happy we are with your dance school. I think it is so important to make it all about enjoying dance and having fun rather than stressing about whether their hair is tied back correctly or if they have the correct uniform on! Obviously there are times when these little things do matter and I respect that, but it is just so nice that we don’t have to stress on a Saturday morning about hair (Bella hates wearing buns!) and other small details. Bella LOVES coming to dance, she is totally passionate about it and she is very upset if she ever has to miss a class (I think she has only missed one class in all the time she has been dancing with DJAZZEX).

I always tell people how happy we are with DJAZZEX and highly recommend your dance school. I can’t wait for the end of year concert, we were so impressed with last years it was fabulous! Bella has been doing lots of top secret practise in her room....

Thanks again

Liz Coates


Can't thank you enough for the time, knowledge and patience you showed me. You are the reason I am not still using a walking stick or crutches!"

Michele Steger
Dear Lisa & Monica,

A big thank you for your support, guidance and instruction in the lead up to Oxam Trailwalker 2011. The Pilates made a world of difference with my low back not hurting at all. My legs on the other hand..."

Katinka (Allambie)
Hi Lisa,

Thanks to you and all the teachers for a wonderful concert. I have spoken to lots of parents and we all loved it (even the dads that had a bit of a grumble about having to attend)!
There is a common appreciation of the way you & the teachers run Djazzex – there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere (no awful ‘prima-ballerina’ attitude), it’s very nurturing, it’s inclusive and accessible, the dances and costumes are age appropriate, the concert does not go into the late evening and the teachers are so encouraging. "

Thanks again,
Megan Bowley
My very first memories of DJazzex was watching my sisters Christmas concert when i was about 12 yrs old. Watching how much fun everyone was having on stage. I knew that i had to up there dancing the next year!

Starting with Jazz with Nicki and also starting what is considered quite late in age, for the dance world, i quickly learnt that i was able to express myself through dance & it felt fantastic. I loved every second of my weekly Jazz classes, Nicki became my idol!

Discovering this passion that DJazzex introduced to me, I decided to start Ballet classes where Lisa taught me with her heart & soul and endless energy & dedication. DJazzex created a passion & love for dance within me with a personal, nurturing, family-like feel and i will always be so greatful & proud i was a DJazzex student!

Taught by such inspirational, encouraging woman that i am ever so thankful too, for having been dancing internationally for the past 5 years. But in all success i look back at my dancing days at DJazzex where it all began, with overwhelming warmth and beautiful memories..."

Bianca Cashman - Dancer at Tokyo Disney
"I have been attending Pilates Allegro classes at DJAZZEX for about 18 months and I thoroughly enjoy the workout.  I  had lower back problems for many years but doing the Allegro classes has helped to strengthen my back which has reduced pain incidents.  Lisa goes out of her way to personalise the class to meet individual needs and this is very important for me.  Also, she is flexible so that if I miss a class due to other commitments I can do a make-up class at another time.  I would highly recommend DJAZZEX Pilates to anyone who wants to improve core strength."

Rose Nugent, Manly
As an ex-dancer and someone who has struggled with back issues for over 10 years, I can thoroughly recommend Lisa Persesan's skill and ability as a Pilates instructor.  I have tried a few different places for pilates over Sydney and found her to be the most knowledgable, friendly and certainly the most effective in fixing back/ strength problems. "

Camille Wolfe - Costume Desginer

I am always so impressed by your teaching style when I watch at open days or at the end of a class.  Watching you guide the girls in the preparation for ballet examinations has been wonderful.  The precision and technique required in Ballet astonish me.  You have a fantastic way of giving the girls an analogy, a picture in their minds to help them remember just what is required.

Equally, you have such a well trained eye and observe so much in their posture, gently correcting and adjusting a dancer's position until it is just right.  I admire your desire to help them achieve the best, to extend and encourage all the girls at their different levels of ability.  The Open classes at the Opera House are great, though a real bonus for Phoebe's class has been the guest dancers who come and work with them..what a fabulous opportunity!"

Beth Oakley - High School Teacher
I love the school because it is small, friendly, and low cost."

Louise McMorland Youth Librarian, Manly Library
I like the fact, for the younger children, that the school is not focussed on eisteddfods/exams and elaborate concerts but rather about the kids having fun and enjoying the music."

Julie Somerville
...we love the fact that the school is friendly and intimate, with no pressure to do two classes a week etc. Also love the fact that even a kid who is not a dance any means...still is made to feel special and very happy about certificates and ribbons. You've bought a lot of pleasure and confidence into the life of our Ella."

Jane Freeman
Best things about Djazzex:
  • The LOVE of dance and expressing yourself and not feeling you have to be a star to succeed.
  • The fun is in how you feel.
  • Everyone is treated the same and included. No bitchy competitiveness with children OR  parents.
  • The high standard of ballet, most other schools do NOT focus on ballet.
  • Dedicated teachers.
  • Prices are very reasonable, especially when doing multiple classes."

Michelle Boydelle - Balgowlah Heights

We enjoy the fact that Djazzex offers opportunities to all levels of dancers .
Offering classes for  young and old, those who enjoy dance for the sheer fun of it as well as the serious dancers who wish to sit for exams.

Keeping the fees very reasonable is also important as it means that students are able to explore a number of different styles of dance."

Jo Caller - Manly Vale
The things I think are great about DJAZZEX are:
  • small classes
  • that middle ground between relaxed and striving to do your best. i.e. not competitive all the time
  • reasonable rates
  • not too sexed up"
Karen Nicholls - Curl Curl
What I like about the ballet school is that it isn’t too big and that it is very friendly. I see that you care for each child which is the best way to nurture creativity, I think."

Rebecca Hazel

This [pilates class] is the one activity that I have gained so much from, mainly because you are such a fine teacher.  I really wanted to point out that through all the different classes and treatments I've received in the past, this is by far the greatest I have benefited from and I wanted to make sure you know what a difference you have made."

Mary Ridout - Yoga Teacher from Manly

"A shy little girl that loved dancing at home, but found classes of any kind daunting.

At Djazzex, she was allowed to join in her own pace and encouraged to still feel the music and the movement from within (even while being scared) by teachers always showing the joy in dancing.
Allowing this shy little girl going from frozen apprehension when the music would start to pure enjoyment in her classes.
Not only has she learned the skills and joy of dancing, but also built up her confidence.

I also love seeing the way different age groups are introduced to look after each other during the end of year Concert. It helps the little ones feel part of it and looked after and you see the older ones grow as they take on the responsibility by leading a pack of little ones onto the stage and dance with them.

This year at the End of Year concert I asked her: "Were you nervous to go on stage? " "No" she said: "Because I saw the other kids go on stage before me and dance and then I feel I can do it too"

Esther Hamburger - Dee Why

Thanks Lisa for helping Chloe out yesterday and with her solo preparation. I really appreciate you and Jesse being there for her. This really reflects the wonderful supportive nature of your dance school, allowing dancers to reach their potential through gentle encouragement, in a safe and friendly environment.

I know this approach and your wonderful teachers is a major contributor to Chloe's performance, attitude and absolute love of dance.

We will continue to recommend the school so many more children can enjoy the experience you offer.

Thanks again, Despina"


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