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Age:  Pre-school children

In our creative movement classes for pre-schoolers, we use popular as well as classical music to fire the children's imagination and take them through a series of exercises that are cleverly incorporated in play and pretend. Children get to know the teacher and his/her classmates, and we build on concepts that have been worked on in previous weeks.

The foundations of social competence that are developed in the first five years are linked to emotional well-being and affect a child's later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form successful relationships throughout life. Early interactions have a direct effect on the actual architecture of the brain and how it is "wired".

Through pre-school movement, parents are offering their children a wonderful opportunity to facilitate imagination through pretend and imagery, improve neurological coordination and explore fundamental baseline concepts that are the building blocks for future learning. For pre-schoolers, movement in a creative dance setting can help to provide an essential educational experience. Children not only gain physical strength and endurance but challenge themselves emotionally and cognitively as well. They are given the opportunity to hop, bound, run, leap, jump, turn, kick and stretch. Through fun and playful activities they are exposed to a variety of music that enables them to develop their aural skills, and begin to learn about rhythm and counting music. Importantly, a child's sense of it's own movement, called kinesthesia, will expand. This relates not only to child's sensation of their own body, but also assists in developing his or her growing ability to understand cause and effect among objects. Emotional and social growth is also a wonderful benefit from attending classes. Children become comfortable with autonomy, learn about taking turns, and practice their linguistic and listening skills. These skills will stand them in good stead when they start formal schooling. As with any enriching educational activity, consistency is the key.

When my beautiful 3 year old girl started dancing at DJAZZEX nothing brought her more excitement than knowing that she was able to go on her own and twirl, skip, and move around a huge dance floor.  Free to dance to music and learn rhythms and steps by her big self.  It has given her great independence.  She has found a love of music and the expression of movement has been continuous and beautiful to watch.  The DJAZZEX teachers are so very nurturing and encouraging to the young dancers and have taught my daughter in such a way that she just loves going to dance classes."

Shelley Murray - Cromer


My daughter was a little girl that loved dancing at home, but found classes of any kind daunting.  At Djazzex, she was allowed to join in her own pace and encouraged to still feel the music and the movement from within (even while being scared) by teachers always showing the joy in dancing.
Allowing this shy little girl going from frozen apprehension when the music would start to pure enjoyment in her classes.
Not only has she learned the skills and joy of dancing, but also built up her confidence."

Esther Hamburger - Dee Why


Our school uniform is a purple leotard and pink tulle skirt and black shorts and white singlet top for boys, but we are very relaxed with the uniform at this age.  We prefer them in bare feet for better traction and to assist with proprioception in the feet.  Many children like to come to class in their favourite dress up.



We offer generous discounts for multiple family members and attendance at multiple classes.

Classes are held 6 days a week for all different age groups and levels.


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