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Dancers are athletes and artists at the same time! To be able to soar and achieve our goals we need to make good choices when it comes to food!  

One of the things I am passionate about is ensuring that we provide an environment where our young dancers can learn to make wise choices for a healthy life.  I am keenly aware that nutrition plays a vital roll in leading a healthy life!  I am also aware that there is a growing problem amongst our youth with disordered eating, and eating disorders that are made worse through social media and its impact on body image. 
On Saturday the 3rd May at 4.30 we will be hosting Cassandra Hughs who is a nutritionist who also is a dancer and exercise scientist.  She will give you great ideas for those dance break snacks and how to ensure that you and your dancer have all the information they need to make the best choices for optimum energy and good health.  Parents are also very welcome and I strongly recommend you make the effort to attend.
It is $20 per person and 10% discount for family members will apply.  Please reply asap to confirm your booking.
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