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Pilates & Yoga teaches us to stay focused. Even on days when we are tired, frustrated and under pressure we pull it together and keep disciplined by turning up to classes.  If we focus on the what our body is doing in this moment in this time we give our mind a chance to over ride stresses and have a break we need.  Plus we are doing something good for ourselves.  When I am busiest is when I need my Pilates the most!
Relax, release, recharge  Monday & Wednesdays at 7.00pm School holidays 30th June - 9th July
Join these holidays sessions focusing on long luxurious stretches creating spaciousness and lightness in the whole body mind.
Through holding these simple postures we aid the release of tension and stiffness.  When the body is relaxed we can move deeply into the connective tissues and joints releasing blockages and aiding health and wellbeing.
Join us over the 2 week holiday break  attend all 4 sessions for a wonderful all over body workout or book an individual stand alone class.
Over the 2 weeks, the sessions will cover:
Wk 1 Monday - Yin Yoga for the hips - 45 mins, followed by a 15 minute meditation
Wk 2 Wednesday - Yin Yoga for the spine and back - 45 mins, followed by a 15 minute meditation
Wk 3 Monday  -  Yin Yoga for the 4 quadrants of the legs - 45 mins, followed by a 15 minute meditation
Wk 4 Wednesday - Yin Yoga for the Upper body - 45 mins, followed by a 15 minute meditation
A guided 15 minute meditation (Yoga Nidra) at the end of each class sets the scene for a deep state of relaxation resulting in the liberation of mental, muscular & emotional tensions.
Yoga Nidra means “psychic sleep”, through the practice we withdraw the senses (pratyahara) & in doing so we satisfy the wandering tendencies of the mind whilst focusing on inner awareness.
Yoga Nidra may also aid in the relief of anxiety & stress whilst enhancing the capacity for a deeper night’s sleep.
CLICK HERE to book this and other fun holiday classes for adults.  If you can't see a class time you want please let me know so that I can add it to our schedule.  Our classes are by demand during the holiday period and you MUST book to secure your place and confirm your intention to attend.
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Adult behinner ballet

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Adult behinner ballet

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Adult behinner ballet

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