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Monday 27th of October 7.30pm - PARENTING TEENS OR SOON TO BE TEENS 
I really thought I had the whole parenting thing handled - after all I was teaching teenage girls all the time.  I was so wrong!  I really was unprepared for puberty and parenting a young teenager!  I had lost contact with my mother's group and I didn't read any literature to support my parenting.  I assumed that parenting a teenager would be pretty much a continuation of what went on during the primary school years.  I was totally unprepared for the mood swings and the change in the relationship that I had with my daughter.  Luckily someone put me into contact with Tracy Tressider and she was able to do so much to help our family on many levels.   She is an amazing coach and spreaker on the subject of Parenting Teens and has raised 2 lovely young boys of her own.  I really encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to come and prepare yourself for what lies ahead or to get some help with what you are dealing with right now.  If this is not for you, please be generous and pass this on. 
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