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Dear Mums, Dads and Students,


14th September                                    - Zumba Black Light Party (book now - $18)

15th September                                    - Return or Pay for FUNDRAISING BOX by this date

23rd September                                   - Term 3 Ends

8th October – 15th December               – Term 4 dates (kids & adult dance classes will conclude 8th December)

28th October                                        - photo day & scholarship adjudication (timetable to be issued soon)

3rd November                                      - Concert @ Dee Why RSL

1st December                                       - Excursion – On Stage with Colin Peasley – (book your ticket now $35)

8th December                                       - 15 minutes of Fame for Ballet students (book now - $25)

15th December                                     - 15 minutes of Fame for Ballet students (book now -$25)               

OPEN WEEK will be held next week from 17th September.  So bring your camera and fans to watch, just please do remember to try to keep the noise levels down so as not to disrupt the class!   I suggest that siblings who can not sit quietly are encouraged to play outside.   I trust everyone has been really happy with classes - please remember that your feedback is important to me, and if you have any comments about how we can improve our service to you in any way, I'd love to hear it!  Many of the changes at the school over the years have been implemented as a direct result of feedback given by parents and students. 


There has been lots going on with Inhouse Assessments being finalized, progress being made toward concert preparations and performances at Allambie Fair.  It has been a hugely productive and rewarding term.   Students have been working well and huge improvements have been shown throughout the school.  In particular, those students involved with the ballet exams did a great job and we were awarded 6 x Honours with Distinction!  That is our school record!  They really deserved their awards as they all worked very hard, and I am sure you will notice the improvement at the concert.  I would also like to thank those parents who were so very helpful with clearing the hall, helping with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and helping with packing up.  I could not continue my work without the support of our fabulous parents and assistant teachers Nicola Smart.  As I am required to lead the students in their assessments everyone’s help was truly invaluable.  This year many of our students achieved their Certificates I - IV in Dance Performance Studies.  This is a qualification which will be recognized within the Australian Qualifications Framework and something that our students can be very proud of achieving. 

Inhouse Assessments have now been finalized and I hope everyone is happy with the feedback sheet and attractive Certificate.  If you have done your assessment and have not yet received yours, please ask your teacher.  You may notice that many of the steps keep repeating from year to year.  This is because the technical component which forms the basis of dance is perfected over time.  Even the Australian ballet start their barre exercises with the Plie` to warm up and correctly activate the muscles.  As young dancers grow into their body awareness new layers of understanding and muscle activation is achieved.

Our Eisteddfod group has also been going really well and the students have been having a great time representing the school at various Eisteddfods all over Sydney.  This year they were awarded 2 Highly Commended and I was very proud to be one of their supporters.   Quite apart from their excellent results, the comraderie that I have seen develop and what they have learnt in being good sports has been invaluable.  The parents also have told me that they are very grateful and happy with the way we ensure that the costumes and choreography are age appropriate and not overly sexy.  Congratulations to them for a huge effort and improvement and Congratulations to JESSIE ROCHFORD-BARBER for doing a fantastic job leading them! 

We really care about our students and their health and well being.  A dance class is a great place to learn life skills as well as dance and we consider it a priviledge to be entrusted with the care of our students.  We organize professional development for our teachers that includes talks by professionals so that they can be up to date with their knowledge.  Last term, we had peer evaluation and teachers were given feedback on their classes.  It was a great opportunity for them to learn and continue to improve their teaching skills.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about your child as we are more than happy to work with you to help them be happy and confident.  Further, part of the exam process is also Accreditation for our school.  Much the same process as for kindergartens, we need to show that we have ticked all the boxes to provide a safe environment for our students.  We did it! J

Pilates equipment classes continue to be an important adjunct to the classes offered at our school and I have had feedback from senior students that it has been very helpful for them in overcoming injuries and achieving better results in their dance.  It is not just our dancers who have benefited but average mums, dads and grandparents who have reported increases in bone density, improved balance, less pain and better fitness.  Congratulations to those students who have made a commitment to their health by being regular in our classes.  We have now added an extra pilates matwork class on Thursday at 7.00am and an extra Zumba class on Thursday at 8.00pm.





If you have not yet returned your payment or box of cards

by 15th September we will add it to your invoice.



            We have been introducing a new software package that enables us to create invoices and to hopefully better track payments.  It is a huge job keeping track of it all and we appreciate your patience as we learn the new system.  You may also have received an email requesting you to subscribe to our emails.  This was an unsuccessful attempt to set up a new emailing system.  The system was too complicated for me to use and I have opted to discontinue, and fortunately our new software enables me to send group emails.  If you are not receiving our emails, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to subscribe.  Perhaps we have entered your information incorrectly.  Alternatively, please check your junk folder.  You may need to make a new rule to accept emails from us.


If your daughter is interested in getting into the selective dance program at Mackellar, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare a solo for the audition.  Please contact Lisa now to organize some time to start preparing for the event.  Students in the past have needed 2 solos and these can be prepared in a fun and relaxed manner if we start now.  The competition is huge, so preparation is the key.  Susan Auld who is one of our beautiful students and achieved fantastic results at Mackellar in Dance is working with dancers helping them to prepare solos and duos for Eisteddfods and preparing for the audition.  It is $33 for a half hour class.

PHOTO & SCHOLARSHIP DAY -    28TH OCTOBER -            Several outside adjudicators will decide the scholarship this year.  This is with the aim of making sure that there can be no favouritism by our teachers to any particular students.     To be eligible for the full scholarship students must be attending ballet or technique work, jazz and tap, but there are also mini-scholarships available, for those students who are not participating in the necessary classes but show they have the talent.   The full scholarship entitles the winner to one free class a week for the year, a personal trophy and their name engraved on the perpetual trophy and a choreographed solo.  Mini scholarship recipients are entitled to one free class a week for 1/2 the year, and a personal trophy.    All students involved will receive a participation certificate.  There is a $10 fee that will be charged for participants to help cover administrational work, trophies and scholarships for everyone who wishes to be involved.  We will schedule the scholarship on the morning of the 28th October and you need to register now if you are interested in participating.  The scholarships are available to students who are Level 3 and above in ballet or Years 5 at school.

Photo timetable will be posted and made available soon, so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime please keep this day free for us.


This year we will be having our main performance at the Dee Why RSL Club on the 3rd November.   I am planning for a series of smaller concerts.  The Juniors will only dance in their own small concert and the Seniors will feature in the various concerts as well as having their own concert.  Most of our classes have already been busily preparing and I hope that all our students will be able to participate so that they can experience the real fun of showing off their skills.  If you already have commitments please let your teachers know as soon as possible.  Please note that this event is not compulsory but it is COMPULSORY TO LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNING ON PARTICIPATING.  There is quite a huge amount of work that is involved in organising the event and the whole class is confused when people pull out.  It really is a team effort so a commitment is absolutely necessary.    Please mark this dates in your diary and keep them free for us, or let us know immediately if you can't make it.  We strive to keep our costume and ticket costs reasonable and teachers will be aiming to keep you informed well in advance if there are any special bits that are needed for the performance.  .

HELPERS NEEDED - As always we will be doing our best to keep costume costs minimal.   Therefore it will be especially appreciated if anyone can offer his or her help.   Please let your teachers know if you are able to help with sewing costumes for you or your child's class.  Also, please let us know if you have any talent or interest with helping to organize the event, painting backdrops, costume design, stage management or anything.   We are always grateful for assistance.  We have always strived to keep dance accessible for our students by keeping costs down and I know that we have always had very cheap tickets compared to other schools.  Your participation in helping out with the demonstration will ensure that this tradition will be maintained. 


PARTY DAY SATURDAY  8TH DECEMBER, 2012 This day will conclude most of our activities for  the year and will be run as a picnic at Dee Why Park starting at 1.00pm

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