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I have been priviledged to have spent some time learning from some great teachers over the past few days.  It has been an incredible few days, jam packed with information inspiration and validation.  I am looking forward to returning home to share with my clients.  I was blown away today to spend the day learning from Marie Jose Blom an international presenter of great acclaim.   It started with a journey into the body's most amazing structure - the fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue in our body and it is multi-dimensional, fibro elastic and is hydro-dynamic.  This means that it ensures glide of muscles and organs and through its hydrating forces, keeps organs, muscles and joints young.  Our fascia also holds onto our emotions.  Through the very act of movement, we nourish our insides, lubricating joints creating our own wellness.  Movement enables us to free our bodies of areas where muscles have stagnated, and atrophied, and release emotions.   In our busy lives it is easy to get caught up doing the many things that our modern lives demand of us.  Isn't it time that we BE in our bodies.

Looking forward to seeing you all at dance and Pilates as our term resumes this week.

Lisa P

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