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Only 5 sleeps to go!

Incredible how quickly it has come around. This saturday on the 3rd November, we look forward to welcoming you to our end of year Demonstration. The teachers and students have worked extremely hard to be shining stars in the our programs and we are excited to show off all our hard work. We have done our best this year to make it easy for parents and give them the opportunity to attend one of the shows and see all their child's performances in that one show.

If you are not already attending, we'd love it if you could bring your kids to our senior concert starting at 3.00pm to see our seniors in their concert.


Here are the links:

Once you click onto the link you will be asked to choose which show you want to see. The same tickets will be valid for the whole day and any show. You can pay and print out your tickets from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night.


CONCESSION - $8 (school age children/pensioners)

Children under 4 - FREE


TICKETS can also be purchased at the DOOR ON THE DAY Please note that all tickets purchased this way will incur an extra $2 administration charge each



Please check your invoices carefully. They will clearly state if you have a HIRE costume or BUY costume. All HIRE costumes will need to be returned to us the week following the concert. Any HIRE costumes not returned during that week will incur an extra $10 charge per week they are outstanding. Any lost or damaged costumes will need to be replaced at the expense of the Hirer. Please DO NOT launder your costumes after the concert. We will do all that for you.


* Please bring your performer to DY RSL 1 hour prior to the start of their concert.

* Please apply your own stage make up at home. Before you leave home make sure you have all the bits for your costumes.

* We have organized a large change room at the back of the auditorium for performers to change into their costumes.

* All groups who were not involved in the photo day will have their group photos done at the club. The photographer will be setting up in the room at the back of the auditorium. Groups will be photographed in their order of appearance. Siblings and family shots are also welcome with no obligation to buy anything. (maybe a nice idea for a christmas present) Proofs are available usually 2 weeks after the concert at the studio. Photos will also be available on line. PLEASE - no photography or video during the performance as this is against licensing laws.

* We will aim to have the first 4 items photgraphed prior to the start of the show. This is so we can have one group on stage performing, one group waiting in the wings and one group waiting to go back stage, and one group being photographed. Please try to aware when you are about 7 items away from yours to prepare. Groups with quick changes can have their photographs done after their performance as the need arises.


 I love reading and come upon an article written about the value of performances. These are a few pointers that I really wanted to share with you:

* The opportunity to teach RESPECT: As there will be a lot of movement around the auditorium, please be respectful of performers. Treat each performance as if it was a top billing event. Please wait until the end of dances to move about the auditorium and refrain from talking during performance. Yes, you may not be interested in other people's children performances but they deserve an audience as much as your child does. This is a chance for children also to learn it is not all about them and how to be respectful of other performers.

* The opportunity to teach STAGE CRAFT: Watching the full demonstration is also a great chance to learn the ins and outs of a production and see how the entrances and exits impact on each other and how their performance forms part of the whole.

* The opportunity to teach GRATITUDE: At the end of the program, the dance school will honor its teachers, who have worked longer and harder than any of the children to give them this chance to shine. These teachers work long hours for very little pay, and by staying to the end and applauding them you will make their day.

* Lastly, by taking the entire production seriously, you will be taking your little dancer’s efforts more seriously, too and letting them know that you value their interests. Of course, I know we have so many lovely parents that much of this would happen automatically :-)

 Thank you again for your support and co-operation in helping to creating an amazing event, especially Janice Millette bringing beautiful food for helpers and sewing, Salliann Vine for ongoing support and food gifts and sewing, Julie Mountain for assistance with sewing, and Louise McMorland who always jumps in and assists with keeping things moving well, Christine McDonagh for assistance on the photo day, Eshter Hamburger for assistance in avoiding a glove crisis and assistance with the program. Your contribution has been invaluable.

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