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cancer council 11 in 3 people will suffer from Cancer at some point in their lives and my bet is you know someone who has either lost the fight or who is suffering with this disease.  Please mark this date in your diary and come and share some fun with us to help raise funds for a worthwhile cause!



CLASSES:  Get out and experience something new.  Bring the family and friends for a laugh.  Our timetable will be finalized soon and will include, group reformer classes, Garuda, Boys hip hop, Grown Up & ME, and ballet for Seniors plus more!  Classes are not free but all your fees will go to the Cancer Council as our instructors are donating their time for the day


MINI-MARKET:  Market type stalls for make up, dance clothing, jewellery, soft furnishings and more!  Have fun shoppping or do you have a business that provides a service or goods and want to participate?  We are asking participants of our mini-market to donate to the Cancer Council as payment for their opportunity to show case their business.  Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want more information and stay tuned for our full timetable and list of participants!

Move it or loose it!
Lisa P

eat right respect your body dance forever

Dancers are athletes and artists at the same time! To be able to soar and achieve our goals we need to make good choices when it comes to food!  

One of the things I am passionate about is ensuring that we provide an environment where our young dancers can learn to make wise choices for a healthy life.  I am keenly aware that nutrition plays a vital roll in leading a healthy life!  I am also aware that there is a growing problem amongst our youth with disordered eating, and eating disorders that are made worse through social media and its impact on body image. 
On Saturday the 3rd May at 4.30 we will be hosting Cassandra Hughs who is a nutritionist who also is a dancer and exercise scientist.  She will give you great ideas for those dance break snacks and how to ensure that you and your dancer have all the information they need to make the best choices for optimum energy and good health.  Parents are also very welcome and I strongly recommend you make the effort to attend.
It is $20 per person and 10% discount for family members will apply.  Please reply asap to confirm your booking.
Reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Lisa P

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CLASSES RESUME THIS MONDAY!  Welcome to new members and looking forward to seeing our regulars!  If you are not returning this term please let us know!

Once upon a time, I kept track off everything with a pen and paper and sometimes I think it would have been much easier to keep to that same system!  You know what I mean - those annoying computer and software glitches that just eat up your time!  Well, I have been working through one of those so still no invoices for this term, my apologies.  The good news is that our fees rarely change from term to term, so if you haven't changed your classes, your fees are still the same as last term!  They are due to be paid now and if you do so in the next 2 weeks you can still pay the discounted rates advertised but after that extra charges will be added to your account.  If you can't remember what you owe, click on this link to see our timetable and fee structure on the bottom or if you have tricky discounts send me an email and I'll let you know.  Unfortunately, I have to be stricter on adding the extra charges this term as some people seem to think its ok to send to kids to classes without payment!  I know amazing isn't it!  Fancy going to a shop and taking the goods and not paying.  It's called stealing right?  Anyway, I know you wouldn't do that and I thank you as our fees do not include a huge mark up and so every little bit counts and your prompt payment makes a difference!
Electronic Transfer 
Account Name: L PERESAN 
BSB: 802 351 Account No.: 35122727 
Ref: Surname/class day/time eg. SMITH/TUE4.30


FACEBOOK OFFER:  Go to our facebook page and like it.  Share one of our posted pictures that includes our enrolment information saying "I have booked in - have you?"  Take a screen shot of your share and send it to me and I will give you $5 off your term fees.  :-) & thanks for supporting our school and helping to spread the word!  
TELL YOUR FRIENDS:  Yes, some of our classes are a little on the small side and to keep them viable we need your help!  If you can please help us, but telling your friends we would be very greatful and will thank you with discounts off your fees.  Just tell your friends to tell us on their enrolment form that they heard about us from you and we will give you $5 credit towards this or next term!  PS  this is only valid if you introduce someone who is new to the school.  Thank you so much for helping us spread the word!

PILATES EQUIPMENT CLASSES:  I noticed that many regulars have not yet booked their spot this term!  Please do it now so that you don't loose your regular spot.  The timetable is up and running  

This next bit can be a bit confusing:  You can pay through Paypal through the system and it will allocate you credits and track your attendances which will save me a huge amount of time and paperwork.  The problem is you have to buy the credits BEFORE you make your bookings for it to track your credits.  I have left the system so you don't have to pay through paypal as I had some people tell me they didn't want to use Payapal so that they can still book in, but the credit tracking system won't work.  If you would like to book a spot and it is already full, please put yourself on the waiting list and I can either add an instructor and/or classes as needed if I see there is demand.   Contact me on 0419 690 609 if you want to book in and you can't do it online! 


If you run a business and sell product or services, I'd love to have you join us on this day.  We will use the downstairs studio for you to be able to promote/sell your products whilst we offer dance classes upstairs.  Please call me to discuss the details.  Otherwise, make sure to save some time for a good cause on this day.  More details will come soon.



7th May - Introduction to the Australian Ballet - 12.00noon to 1.30pm
This informative and entertaining program is a treat for newcomers to ballet and regular ballet attendees alike.
See the dancers of The Australian Ballet demonstrate their daily training in class on stage, hear a Q&A with leading dancers and watch a fully staged performance with live music from one of the ballets in our 2014 repertoire.  We will catch the ferry across and Lisa can chaperone kids whose parents can not attend.
Suitable for age 10 to adult - $28 per ticket
11th December - Once Upon A Time - 12.00noon to 1.00pm
Story ballets are a wonderful introduction to the art form for children. This engaging 60-minute performance will feature fully staged excerpts from much-loved story ballet The Nutcracker, with narration by one of the central characters and live musical accompaniment.  Truly magical and not to be missed.  We will catch the ferry across and Lisa can chaperone kids whose parents can not attend.
Suitablefor age 4 to adult - $33 per ticket.
I know December is a long way away, but tickets sell out fast and I didn't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to introduce you all to absolute magic of the Australian Ballet company!
Contact Lisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure your ticket!


Adults holiday workshop

Dont loose momentum in the holidays or take the opportunity to trial a few before signing up for the term!  Bookings now open!

To book into the holiday classes please: 

1. Click on the link below to go to the calendar and make sure you are on the right date 
2. Click on the class which will then show how many credits you need. 
    N.B If you are buying multiple classes there may be discounts for buying a block 
3. Click 'New appointment' and then 'Buy credit'
4. Click the Paypal button to purchase the credits
5. You will then be redirected back to the schedule - click the class and add new appointment. 
You will now be successfully booked into the class!

Click here now to book!

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