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Lisa Peresan is an Advanced Diploma Graduate of Pilates International, and is available for private sessions, group workouts and workshops at your workplace or studio.  She is also a member of the Pilates Alliance as a Level 4 Pilates Instructor and Level 2 Teacher Trainer.

Book Pilates Initial Consult

If you are planning to attend one of our pilates equipment classes, it is best to book an Initial Consultation to ensure that you will be placed in a suitable class.  In this 1 hour session your goals and needs will be assessed and an exercise programme will be created for you accordingly.

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Pilates Equipment Classes for Dancers


17012009091Classes are individually tailored and will focus on developing strength and flexibility for dance, incorporating exercises that improve leg line and height, improve turn-out, improve foot and ankle range and strength, and flexibility of the spine. Classes are also excellent for dancers who require assistance with rehabilitation from an injury. The work is based on the work of Karen Clippinger M.S.P.E. Professor and author of Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology with whom Lisa was certified in Dance Specialization. Lisa regularly attends ongoing professional development with body conditioning experts from the top dance companies in the world. Classes include the use of pilates equipment like the reformer, wunda chair, wall tower and various small apparatus.


Please Note: All Equipment classes need to be booked in advance and after a initial consult. Casual Fees are $32.00 per equpiment class & $20.00 for Matwork. Discounts for term rates apply please see our timetable for more information.


"Pilates has helped me recover abdominal strength after injuries.  It has helped me keep my core strong, keeping me in better alignment for dancing and in everyday life.  It has been great maintenance for my body.  I always feel great after it.  It has definitely made me a stronger dancer.  It has improved my technique in ballet particularly." - Emma Boydell from Balgowlah Heights,  Honours with Distinction Certificate IV Dance Performance Studies (classical)


"Pilates has been the single most incredible thing in my life.  It has kept my body in an injury free state all year and I feel the stongest I have ever been.  Everyone should be doing Pilates!" - Maddie McDonagh from Dee Why, Honours with Distinction, Certificate IV in Dance Performance Studies (classical)

Corporate Pilates & Workshops

Lisa can come to your workplace for group corporate classes tailored to your organisations needs or to deliver workshops for your students or teaching faculty.

Corporate classes focus on specific goals as a one off visit or provide a general total body conditioning workout when regular.

Workshops can be designed to cater to improving dance technique and safe dance for dance students or to give teachers tools to help their students improve their technique and strength through Pilates.

We can also offer great rates to Corporate groups who come to our studios from their workplace, either creating a class to suite or providing access to our existing classes.

Participants to Pilates for Dancers workshop have said:

"The workshop was relevant and practical, with beautifully selected strengthening and stretching exercises to incorporate into classes. I enjoyed the application of the exercises to specific dance steps and movement, which is a great tool to encourage dancers to add to their regime."

Monica Pender - Pilates Instructor was a nice balance of background information and practical exercises." 

Esther Hamburger - Pilates instructor


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Equipment Pilates Exercise Classes

allegroEquipment classes incorporate the use of the Wunda Chair, Wall Tower, Ped-a-Pole, Reformer and various small apparatus for an all body workout.  This exercise class is great for targetting specific goals and needs and for clients who want more individual attention and exercise selection.  Pilates class sizes are strictly limited and are perfect for those who are looking to improve in their selected sport or dance, who are rehabilitating from an injury or condition, who are pregnant or who just want a good all round work out.  As well as targetting client's individual needs, classes will also be targetting improving posture and alignment.

       Click to see our Pilates Equipment timetable

Please Note: All Equipment classes need to be booked in advance. Casual Fees are $32.00 per equpiment class & $20.00 for Matwork. Discounts for term rates apply please see our timetable for more information.

Matwork Pilates Classes


matwork-pilatesThis is a great all round workout that is perfect for people with no back issues or injuries.


Class numbers are restricted to 15.  In this pilates class you will get a full body work out that incorporates flexibility, upper body strength, core control, back extension, lateral flexion and spinal flexiblity.


Working in a group ensures you get a great workout as you will be keeping up with the others in the class.



Please Note: All Equipment classes need to be booked in advance. Casual Fees are $22.00 for Matwork. Discounts for term rates apply please see our TIMETABLE for more information.

Mums'n'Bubs'n'Dads Pilates Classes

mumandbubThis class offers new mums or dads the opportunity to enjoy their new baby whilst learning some gentle exercises that will help them on the road to getting their abdominals and pelvic floor back into great condition.  The babies end up enjoying the workout as much as their mums!  Crying babies are welcome. 


MONDAY           9.30am - 10.30am
WEDNESDAY     9.30am - 10.30am
FRIDAY             9.30am - 10.30am - YOGA


Please Note: All Equipment classes need to be booked in advance. Casual Fees are $19.00 for Matwork. Discounts for term rates apply please see our TIMETABLE for more information.

Pre-Natal Pilates Exercise Class

allegroPre-natal Exercise Classes are designed to give you an opportunity to stay fit and strong so that you are ready for the birth.  They will cater to your individual needs and take into account your changing body so that you can safely exercise right up to the birth of your baby.  Science has shown that gentle exercise for women who have a low risk pregnancy helps to:

  • improve circulation;
  • enhance muscular balance and posture as your centre of gravity changes;
  • reduce water retention and leg cramp;
  • ease gastrointestinal discomforts;
  • increase stamina and strength for labour;
  • ensure a speedier post-partum recovery;
  • improve back and arm strength and mobility in preparation for feeding and lifting the baby


Please note that all Pilates equipment classes are small group classes where each person does  a workout which caters towards each individual's needs, so any of our classes are suitable.  Please see Pilates equipment classes for more information on times or click through to our TIMETABLE to get more information on group classes and discounted multiple class rates.


Click here to download our Pregnancy Pilates Questionnaire



Private & Semi-Private Pilates Exercise Classes


private-pilates-classThese pilates exercise classes enable you to have an exercise program devised to target specific goals, injuries or issues, and give you undivided attention to help ensure you reach optimum health and fitness.  They can be shared with a friend and are equivalent to having your own personal trainer, whose goal is to help you to achieve yours!  They really don't cost that much more and ensure that you get more attention.  These classes are especially recommended if you have a chronic condition or injury that keeps flaring, as the constant supervision will ensure that you are not falling back into bad muscle recruitment patterns.  They also offer great flexibility as class times can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and rescheduled as needed.


Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great tool to quiet our busy minds and strengthen,

stretch and tone our bodies.




Yoga Tutor - Clare Beer                 

IMG 2183Clare discovered Satyananda Yoga in 2007 when she visited the Mangrove Yoga Ashram for a retreat. She fell in love with the whole philosophy and approach of Satyananda Yoga and found herself returning many times before she began the intensive two year Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching, delving deeply into the practices of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and the art of meditation.

Clare has found the tools and techniques of Satyananda Yoga invaluable for creating new levels of mental peace, balance and calmness within her own life. Clare particularly enjoys and gains from the practice of Yoga Nidra which helps release mental, emotional and muscular tensions and enables the participant to use life changing affirmations.

Clare gets her inspiration as a teacher from the mentoring and wisdom of her teachers and she finds the study and teaching of yoga a system of endless giving.

Clare loves the process of planning yoga classes and watching them unfold in such organic ways. She enjoys the challenge in which she must identity what students want but also what they need, and then she tries to gently help lead them in the right direction. Overall her classes are aimed at bringing connectedness, balance and peace of mind to her students.


I love to see the transition in students, the light in their eyes when they have completed a class that they have connected with.” - Clare

Garuda Classes

Garuda's results are striking.  Increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being.  Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus, and taching the sacred principle of relaxation within movement.  The result is a stronger, leaner body, imporved posture and true ease of movment and mind.  The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body.  The work incoporates standing, barre work, seated and matwork.  This ensure that the work remains functional and relevant to life.

">Click here to see a Video of James D'Silva demonstrating Garuda barre work


Garuda Tutor - Lisa Peresan0448

Lisa first discovered Garuda at a Pilates conference in 2012 and fell in love with the way the movement stretched and enabled new space in her joints, whilst still providing the underpinning strength to function pain free in life.

Classes held at 11C/106 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale

TUESDAY         7.00am - 8.00am Garuda

WEDNESDAY    7.00pm - 8.00pm Yoga

WEDNESDAY    8.00pm - 9.00pm Garuda

FRIDAY            9.30am - 10.30am  Mums and bubs Yoga (starting term 2)

$155 per term  or $20 a casual class

(see our timetable for our generous discounts when you do multiple classes!)

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"Now that I am taking Lisa's weekly Garuda class I no longer take paracetamol every night so that I can move in the morning. I thought I would live the rest of my life with a sore back - now I know that a well guided twist and stretch is what I need, not medication."
Sue Trathen










What our clients have to say:

As a Phyisiotherapist, I believe Pilates is essential for many people in maintaining and promoting core stability and preventing many injuries." - S Pinner

Pilates has taught me hope to cope with injuries." - L Green

I have had less shoulder and back pain so my quality of life is better." - N Morris

It has improved my health and well-being" - V Chen

It has been pivotal in my recovery for a sacro-iliac join injury and maintaining my physical capacity since." - Dr Pinner

What to Wear?


Wear comfortable clothing that can stretch and is good for a workout.  Clean socks are required for the equipment classes.  There are some mats available for matwork.


Why Pilates?


Pilates offers a wonderful tool for everyone to improve strength, flexibility and muscle balance.  Dancers can improve their technique and the general population can stay youthful and agile.  Developed in the 1940s as the brain child of Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method today has grown to huge popularity as more and more people realize and experience first hand the benefits.  Joseph's work has had a revolutionary impact on the exercise world with many forms of exercise now incorporating the principles first taught by Mr Pilates himself.  Scientist also continue to prove that the basic principles do work in helping to achieve spinal stability.  But Pilates is much more than the matwork classes that many have grown to love at the local gym, or for rehabilitation.  Equipment known as the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Wall Tower, Foot Corrector, Spine Corrector and Ped-a-pole, invented by Joseph, enable the trained instructor to be VERY specific in their exercise selection.  The use of these tools enable the Instructor to see the imbalances in the body and to correct muscle recruitment so that everyday tasks become easier, and dance students can ultimately "FLY" with better range in their joints and better control of those ranges.  It also enables people with a history of injury to correct protective muscle recruitment habits so that they can return to a normal healthy life.  It enables the healthy client to find new levels of energy, strength and stamina in their everyday activities.


Nothing changes if nothing changes!


 Please Note: All Equipment classes need to be booked in advance.

Casual drop in rate:  Matwork $22 and Equipment $39

Generous discounts are available for multiple classes.


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